Feliz Avenue K – Peruvian Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Ceviche Limeño at Feliz Avenue K - Peruvian Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Feliz Avenue K – Peruvian Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Words: Jacob Weber
Photos: Han Sen Hau

There are plenty of aptly named restaurants in KL, but Feliz might just take the crown for the most appropriate moniker.

Feliz means ‘happy’ in Spanish, and once you’ve stepped through the door of this stunning Peruvian restaurant on the rooftop of Avenue K, you can’t fail to be.

We’re here on a bustling Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining on the Level Four balcony patio outside. Funky Latin-flavoured house music with a toe-tapping bassline is the backing track to the excitable conversation and clinking cutlery. The red tiles are gleaming. The abundant plants are … greening. Happiness, indeed.

Feliz KL is pushing out traditional Peruvian flavours with Japanese flair — which, for the uninitiated (like me), isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Known as Nikkei cuisine, this modern fusion food originated over 100 years ago with a wave of Japanese immigration to South America. This cultural exchange was the catalyst for culinary innovation, a blend of passion and precision that combined brilliant Japanese techniques with diverse Peruvian ingredients.

Feliz Avenue K Kuala Lumpur Peruvian Restaurant
Feliz Avenue K Kuala Lumpur Peruvian Restaurant
Vibrant Dining Area Peruvian themed
Vibrant Dining Area
Private Dining Room
Private Dining Room
Feliz Avenue K Kuala Lumpur Peruvian Restaurant
Semi-alfresco Dining Area
Alfresco Dining Tables - Rooftop of Avenue K
Alfresco Dining Tables – Rooftop of Avenue K
Bar at Feliz KL
Bar at Feliz KL

Feliz Avenue K – Peruvian Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Feliz Avenue K celebrates that legacy with signature Nikkei recipes and South American classics, as well as its own special twist on dishes tweaked to suit the tastes of the local market. (It’s part of the Cinnamon Group, which knows the local market very well indeed.)

And just in case their approach to authentic Peruvian cuisine was in any doubt — there are three Peruvian chefs in the kitchen. I didn’t expect there to be three Peruvian chefs in all of KL. Executive Chef Franco Aldana is at the helm, bringing his passion and a prestigious international background to the creative culinary expression at Feliz KL.

Executive Chef Franco Aldana - Feliz Restaurant Kuala Lumpur
Executive Chef Franco Aldana – Feliz Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Menu & Prices

We start with a traditional Peruvian cold drink, which is very welcome in this weather. The Chicha Morada (RM32 for non-alcoholic) is a sweet and refreshing concoction—much sweeter than you’d expect from a dried Peruvian purple corn base (imported directly from Peru). It’s juicy and intense, and it puts the taste buds on full alert.

Chicha Morada
Peruvian Refrehshement – Chicha Morada at Feliz Avenue K

Naturally, ceviche is a house special — and Feliz’s Ceviche Limeño (RM38) is very special. The leche de tigre (literally ‘tiger’s milk) is the hero here; the lime-based marinade that cures the delicate white fish (barramundi) and gives the entire dish its sharp, citrusy goodness. Canchita (toasted Peruvian corn), white corn and sweet potato complete this delicious Peruvian picture. It’s eyebrow-raisingly good and sets the bar high.

Ceviche Limeño
Ceviche Limeño

The Anticuchos de Lomo Fino (RM158) raises it even higher. These mouthwateringly good tenderloin cuts slide right off the skewer, and the accompanying barbecue-style sauce is brilliant. Aji panca (Peruvian red pepper) is the key ingredient, adding intense warmth and smokiness that contrasts nicely with the fresh, sweet corn.

Anticuchos de Lomo Fino - Peruvian restaurant KL
Anticuchos de Lomo Fino

The Nikkei technique is on full display in the Tiradito de Tuna (RM145). Fresh tuna is sliced like sashimi and served with leche de tigre and chalaquita de mango — a traditional Peruvian salsa with mango, red onion, coriander, lime and salt. It’s delicate, creamy, sour and fresh all at once, beautifully balanced and masterfully prepared.

Tiradito de Tuna - Feliz Avenue K
Tiradito de Tuna – Feliz, Peruvian Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

Another South American special appears. This time, it’s Arepas (RM32) from Venezuela. However, this particular roasted white corn unleavened bread breaks with tradition with an Italian-style stuffing of truffle and Parmesan cheese. Chef Franco explains that the local market loves these types of fillings, so we let it slide. They’re still absolutely delicious, with a slightly firm exterior and fluffy middle.

Venezuelan Arepas in Malaysia - Feliz Avenue K

Peruvian Main Course Menu & Prices

Moving on to the main courses, we start with Seco de Cordero (RM88), lamb shoulder stewed in coriander sauce and served with steamed rice and criolla (Peruvian salsa). The rich and gamey lamb (from New Zealand) will keep any carnivore happy — this is a robust, meaty and satisfying plate.

Seco de Cordero Feliz Avenue K
Seco de Cordero

Arroz con Mariscos (RM119), seafood rice, is Feliz’s signature rice dish, with seafood, aji amarillo (Peruvian yellow chilli pepper) and cilantro. It’s similar to paella in that the primary ingredients are both rice and seafood, but that’s where the likeness ends. Arroz con mariscos is usually made with long-grain rice, while paella is made with short grains. Great paella has a socarrat (those crispy, well-cooked bits of rice around the edges of the pan), whereas the Peruvian recipe does not. The Spaniards use saffron, garlic and paprika to season the rice. In contrast, the key flavour in the Peruvian dish comes from aji amarillo. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

Peruvian Arroz con Mariscos Kuala Lumpur
Arroz con Mariscos

The Lomo Saltado & Huancaina (RM158) is another Peruvian classic that—inexplicably, we feel—has been adapted for local tastes by incorporating Italian ingredients. In this case, fettuccine pasta has replaced the traditional arroz y patatas fritas (rice and French fries). However, we insist on the traditional style, and Chef Franco is only too happy to oblige. Thankfully, the tender and juicy chunks of tenderloin remain untouched.

Lomo Saltado & Hauncaina
Lomo Saltado & Huancaina

Tacu Tacu a la Macho (RM78) is a surprisingly generous dish. The ‘seafood sauce’ is actually a healthy helping of prawns, octopus, and clams, which is an unexpected (and very welcome) touch. It’s a wholesome and filling dish, with mixed beans and steamed rice soaking up the sauce nicely.

Tacu Tacu a la Macho
Tacu Tacu a la Macho – Feliz Avenue K

Peruvian Desserts Kuala Lumpur

We’ve just about got room for dessert, which is a very good thing because these are great. Purple corn makes a comeback in the Mazamorra (RM29) in a fresh custard form. This dish has a unique flavour profile, with cinnamon powder and pineapple adding their distinctive taste.

Mazamorra Peruvian Dessert Kuala Lumpur

The Tocino de Cielo (RM25) is a luxuriously smooth dessert. While the name translates to ‘sky bacon,’ and it looks remarkably like a flan, it neither contains pork nor dairy. Instead, it gets its title from its tanned appearance, and its primary ingredients are egg yolk and sugar.

Tocino de Cielo - Spanish Sky Bacon
Tocino de Cielo

Tres Leches (RM45), literally “three milks”, is made with evaporated milk, whipping cream and condensed milk. It is very sweet, but then it’s supposed to be — but forest fruits add a splash of acidity so we can keep spooning back in.

Tres Leches Feliz Avenue K rooftop
Tres Leches

Peruvian Cocktails at Feliz Kuala Lumpur

We get to wash it all down with a couple of cocktails, starting with—of course— the Pisco Sour (RM45). Oh, this is punchy. Shoulder-shaking body-shivering love at first sip. The consistency of the egg white foam is perfect, and there’s an irresistible citrus sourness throughout.

Bartender at Feliz KL
Bartender at Feliz KL
Pisco Sour Feliz restaurant Avenue K
Pisco Sour

The Llama Glama (RM45) is a beautiful blend of dark rum, mezcal, passionfruit, hibiscus tea syrup, citrus, and egg whites. It’s presented like an after-dinner drink, with edible paper across the top. After the dynamic mezcal-and-rum opening, there’s a nice sour tang on the finish.

Llama Glama - most Instagrammable cocktail
Llama Glama

The Lady Rosita (RM45) is a floral, fruity number with Japanese influences. Infused gin, sake, cherry blossom, and yuzu bitters combine for a complex, elegant, and sweet flavour profile, with ginger flower contributing mild but unmistakable floral notes.

Lady Rosita Cocktail in Flute with torch ginger Avenue K Peruvian restaurant
Lady Rosita

We have one eye on the rest of the extensive drinks menu — which features an excellent wine selection and a long list of premium imported spirits — but we’re more than satisfied at this point. One more, and I might be tempted to dance along to this funky music. And nobody wants that.

Reasons to visit Feliz KL: authentic Peruvian cuisine; great signature cocktails; an extensive wine and spirits menu; beautiful setting with an upbeat playlist, vibrant mosaics, and alfresco dining options; not one, but three (!) Peruvian chefs.

Feliz KL
Peruvian Restaurant Kuala Lumpur
L4-05, Rooftop at Level  4, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang
50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Link to Feliz KL on Google Maps here
+6011 177 17742
* Pork-free
** Vegetarian options
*** Semi-alfresco dining option
**** The covered patio is child-friendly, with a grassy area for play
***** Parking in Avenue K Mall.
****** KLCC LRT Station in the same mall

Feliz KL Opening Hours
Daily 12-11 pm

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